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Teacher and Pupil

Teacher Grants

Twice a year, Teacher Grants are awarded to support innovative programs that may not be funded through traditional sources. These grants offer a unique opportunity for educators to explore new ways of promoting student learning and development. From supporting the arts and music to enhancing technology and addressing social and emotional well-being, these grants have a wide range of applications. Additionally, they can provide vital emergency funds, support special education, boost athletics, and promote school improvement initiatives. Previous grant recipients have demonstrated the significant impact of these grants on students and the broader school community, showcasing the transformative power of teacher-led innovation.

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Grant Application Process

Preference is given to applications that:

  • Have matching funds

  • Have not previously been funded by GSF

  • Demonstrate a lack of a secondary funding source

  • Impact a large number of students

  • Serve long-term value and/or purchase of non-perishable goods

The Fall grant application window will open in September 2023.  Please check back here for the application! 


For more information on Teacher Grants, contact the Grant Chairs: Ashley McCabe Herron + Kacee Bootsma

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